Big Bad Wolf

When do you finally go from being the very honest friend to being the biatch???
I’ve gone from being the positive, truthful buddy, to being seen as the Big Bad Wolf that always points out the negatives!

I’ve always had pride in the fact that I could be honest with my friends and loved ones.
If anything, that’s what many people love about me. The fact that I can say it like it is!

Things that use to come quite naturally like:

• Yes your ass looks fat in that.
• No your hair does not look good like that.
• No you really shouldn’t date that guy.
• Yes, I think you should skip on the dessert and hit the treadmill!
• No you don’t sing that well.
• Those pants and shoes really don’t go together.

Then why is it lately that I feel like I need to gate everything that comes out of my mouth???

It’s the most frustrating thing ever, and I feel myself avoiding my close friends, in a fear of saying something that might hurt their feelings!\

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do find that I am trying to find the holes and hidden agendas out of love for the people I care about, and there have been a few times where I maybe should’ve had more tact in how I said something – but now, I’m actually left feeling guilty because I haven’t said anything.
I’m just so scared that I might actually explode soon because I’m keeping this all bottled in!

I think the worst part of it all, is knowing that there are people around that person who feel the same way I am, are thinking the same thing I am, that have the same fears and concerns I have, but that would never say anything…

There is no nice way to say things that the friends or family members don’t want to hear…

Do I risk a friend being angry with me, or gingerly trot along until they figure it out for themselves?

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  1. Honesty has never been easy, but its easier to deal with, than days/months/years down the line, where a friend would ask “why didn’t you warn me?!”

    From personal experience, telling the truth has always worked better as long as you can explain calmly why. And hearing the truth, is awesome, because its such a great eye opener, and life changing experience.

    Do not guard your mouth, your doing yourself and your friends, no favors.

  2. Hey chick. As your friend & biggest fan, u always going to collide into spaces on men are dumbass enough to go. And why? Cause u think like a dude. Just embrace it & move on. Really not sure why no one else sees this VERY obvious thing. Maybe snowed by your pretty hair, cute outfits and some mild flirting. But no, its a facade, and really what lies within is the EQ of any random engineering bloke. Soooooo ironic but a great platform for chaos & mayhem, and like any bloke should do, NEVER apologise, cause that meabs emotions & crap which makes this SUPER hard work

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