Bhandari Indian Restaurant – Review

Food glorious food, dont care what it looks like… Well thats bollocks! Of course you do and you want to know that its good and worth the money!

A few days ago we asked what restaurants MCBN’ers enjoyed and got a healthy response. So we took it apon ourselves to start checking some of them, and others out – We just ooze caring dont we!
From prices and ambience to the food itself, we will make sure you never cock up a first date ever, or a break up date… hey shit happens! We will make sure you choose the right place for the right girl or guy and then hopefully you will cement’ 4th base’ nicely a little later on or ease the pain of telling to waai!

So this is the 1st of many restaurant reviews here at My City By Night.

We thought we would start off with a bang, a little fire and in this case, fortunatley, not ‘Deli Belly’!


The General:

Bhandari is a cheeky little Indian in Westlake Business Park. On arriving your lovely guy or girl friend will feel like you pull out all the stops… It like stepping into The Taj ek se!
Tigers (not the missing one thats now been found), vases and other authentic Indian goodies all over the place.. Not to mention the delectable smell of curry!
What we really like about Bhandari’s is, that there is an awesome ‘loungey bar’ area that makes for great ice-breaking talk or filthy talk (depends where you are in your relationship) and can be enjoyed before, during and after your meal, with a great variety of spirits that will woo the hardest of potential suiters over!

The Food:
Well where does one begin…  ITS BEFUCK! From starters to enders and everything in between, its wicked! Authentic, full of flavours and cooked by real Indians and not Knorr or Woolworths packet sauce chefs!
It has flavours to suit all palletes… From woes to ‘ey no check it ek se dis ting is FH’ (fucking hot in case you dont know Durban Curry talk)!

If he is paying:
Claim it if you like curry as it aint cheap! You looking at aroundR250 a head. He must really like you! Its the amount you get for your money that makes it really seem a little punchy, but hey, he paying!
However us guys like curry more than the ladies, and you may wonder what kind of a meal is this to take a lady too… So he may be taking you there to dump you and wants to at least have a good meal so the evening is too much of a disaster!

If she is paying:
Then she is letting you down easily guy… It’s over but you get a decent chow! That said, and a rarity, she may just love you so much that she loves seeing you happy and will be guaranteed that you gonna shag her because she is ugly!

Student budget… They have a great all you can eat special on Sundays for R150. No take-ayas, but fill your pockets… Totally worth it!

If nothing else, you got to go there for the toilets! They crazy Japanese things that are probably made by Sony… Check the pics below… Hilarious! The brown stuff on the controller is a bit worrying, but just look at your options folks!!!

For bookings call (021) 7022975 or visit

Till next time… Bon Appetite…




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    1. Hahahaha! I tried! But didn't have a vindaloo so went for the fem wash! Onaj, MCBN are looking for a car sponsor, are Kia interested? 🙂

  1. the latter, but i don’t hand out car just sell them, but maybe some branding wont hurt, but i care for not having fucking branding on my car

  2. well i was offered space on mcbn for a personal add 😉 but ill talk, damn news does travel in this town, any1 need a test drive just holla at me 🙂

    1. If u were offered or u were offered? Travels waster that a kia cee apostrophe d! Hahaha! Will give u space, give us a car! 😉

  3. I been to Bhandari before and thought it was really nice, the service was good and the food was even better!

    Thos toilets are another story.

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