Beverly Hills becomes the first U.S city to ban all tobacco sales and L.A. may be next

Beverly Hills becomes the first U.S city to ban all tobacco sales and L.A. may be next | Image by klimkin from Pixabay


Beverly Hills, California has officially become the very first American State to ban the sale of all tobacco and nicotine products. The city council voted unanimously in favour of the ban this week and all sales will be halted and illegal by 2021 – tobacco will literally not be available for purchase anywhere in the city. The decision apparently stems from decades-long research, said Beverly Hills Mayor John Mirisch.

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However, three high-end cigar lounges within the city will be exempt according to the ruling. This comes after a group of patrons—including former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger lobbied for it, as long as they smoke indoors only. There are reports that L.A. County is also looking to possibly implement a ban as well.

When you look at the history of consumer products there’s never been a more deadly consumer product than cigarettes. And so it’s not surprising that somebody would finally say maybe this is too dangerous to be sold on every corner. And that’s a lot of what’s behind our reasoning,” – John Mirisch. Beverly Hills Mayor

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