Better than your mama’s cooking… The Chicken Shop Review

This place has a little something for everyone.

We are not often left speechless, but when we are, we try to grasp at every word in our vocabulary to express to you the amazing experience we just had: The Chicken Shop. Located in busy Sea Point, The Chicken Shop is a welcomed break from a busy day, with its laid back and casual environment, the sound of the charcoal barbecue drawing you in, and the display of salads and sides leaving you in awe.

Brought to you by the founders of Jarryds, Jarryd Segal, Ariel Segal, and Paul van’t Hof, emulating Australian chook shops in the streets of Cape Town, the quality in every dish served is impeccable. From their melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk fried chicken burger, with its fresh tomato, iceberg lettuce, raw onion, homemade mayo, hot fries… Sorry, we got lost in it all over again… This place has a little something for everyone.

The main event: the charcoal rotisserie, which takes center stage in the kitchen! You can get your traditional rotisserie chickens or Portuguese spatchcock served in quarters, halves or whole, with peri-peri, BBQ, lemon, and herb, or Thai marinades, and make it a meal with one, two, or three of their many sides. Fresh salads like green beans with almond slivers and feta, sweet potato, and butternut with red onion, sautéed mushrooms, as well as quinoa and kale with perfectly ripe avocado, are beautifully presented at their counter; and for the heartier foodies, a selection of mash, corn, and we have heard that they sometimes have mac n’ cheese too!

The chicken itself is mouth watering and moreish, crispy skin, perfectly spicy and just the right amount of smoke: this is definitely not your mama’s way of doing things! And what is better than a Sunday braai, than to be able to have it every day?! The nostalgic flavours brought through by the smoky charcoal pit is all about hospitality.

Do not let the name fool you, however; these guys are good at pretty much anything and not just chicken. Their seasonally driven menu, brought to life by Scott Walker, also offers roast leg of lamb and shoulder, chicken schnitzel, and a range of rolls and burgers, alongside some vegetarian and vegan meals. We got to have a sneak peak at next week’s vegan salad, and the zesty glass noodles, with crunchy vegetables, were far from disappointing. The Chicken Shop is all about having repeat customers experience something new every time they step into their kitchen!

Order your meal at the counter, and whether it is on the go or a sit-in meal, The Chicken Shop can make any day better.

Locally sourced produce, proud in its free range, grass-fed, organic ways, The Chicken Shop is proudly South African with a hint of Australian flare. The quality of their food is tried and tested, making sure that before anything is presented to their customers, they can proudly stand behind it.

Their holistic offering to anyone who stops by after a long day of work, a midday break, or you just do not feel like cooking, is about home style cooking made available for everyone.

Stop by any time from Monday to Sunday between 12pm-9pm for your fix, at amazing prices ranging from R44.90, for their single meals, all the way to R595.90 for their Chicken Shop Feast serving eight people, with 1 whole chicken, 3 pieces of buttermilk fried chicken, 2 chicken shop rolls, 2 regular sides, 2 large fries, and 1 family salad.

We would rate them higher than a 5 if we could, but I guess we have to settle for the top mark on our dining scale.

Photo Credit: The Chicken Shop

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