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Betrayal Survive-the-Wild
Jagermeister has been making some noise about USA metal/hardcore band, BETRAYAL’s (Mediaskare Records) SURVIVE THE WILD TOUR. The US hardcore outfit is set to tour South Africa for the first time ever alongside TRUTH AND ITS BURDEN (Rite Of Passage Records) and CONQUEROR, who are both prominent hardcore bands from Johannesburg (or so I’m told, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest metal-head around).
The trio are going to be doing a tour that will send them through every major city in South Africa, allowing them to get a real feel for South Africa and all of our awesomeness. The SURVIVE THE WILD TOUR will also have select performances filmed along with a full tour documentary while on the road.

A free download is available on Betrayal’s latest song “Pieces Of Home” over at

Tour dates are as follows:

2013/09/26 – Pretoria, Arcade Empire
2013/09/27 – Johannesburg, Town Hall
2013/09/28 – Durban, Live – The Venue
2013/09/29 – Pietermaritzburg, The Red Door
2013/10/01 – East London, Raggies Sports Bar
2013/10/02 – Port Elizabeth, Pool City
2013/10/03 – George, Zanzi Bar
2013/10/04 – Cape Town, The Mercury Live

Presale tickets are available through

For more information:

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