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If, like me, you spend a whack of time looking for the latest sports news, you’ll know it’s not always easy finding the latest and best sporting content.

Getting all the best sporting news isn’t easy.  Sure, you can follow the big South African and international sites, but that involves opening hundreds of tabs throughout the day to make sure you’re on top of everything.

Not anymore. The guys at have come up with a brilliant website to make staying on top of the news easy. The Sports News site has excellent curated sports news feeds, video content and social widgets to keep you in the loop of everything that happened, is happening and will happen in the sporting world.

So there’s the tip, open this tab, refresh it for a day and tell me it’s not a huge improvement on the old fashioned way of hunting for the good stuff. There are a few things that I really dig about the site.

The homepage features a video slider that is updated daily with previews, highlights, funny viral clips and other must-see videos.

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Underneath that comes the news feed. Sports News is SA’s first and only sports news aggregator, bringing the latest headlines from all the top websites into one slick newswire.

You can dig down into the various sports with tabs for soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf and all the top sports.  It’s also a community driven website so if there’s a website that you regularly check that you think the team have missed, you can contact them and they will try and get it added for you.

The site looks ace on browser, mobile or tablet and it allows you to consolidate all the tabs you keep open for sport into one nifty place.

If you’re into sports betting you’re now just one click away from turning the latest information into cash by heading over to and placing a bet.

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