Berlin’s CTM Festival installed an ice rink inside the infamous Berghain

Berlin's CTM Festival installed an ice rink inside the infamous Berghain


Berlin’s annual CTM Festival has an interesting installation inside the infamous club Berghain. ‘The Eishalle’ concept is an ice skating rink inside the club’s massive Halle am room [used for concerts and exhibitions] and each night, various DJs perform at The Eishalle. Since its opening, there have been mixed reactions to the installation and its parties. Some clubbers are disappointed by the poor skating experience and the rink’s synthetic ice with one attendee saying “It was super boring and it wasn’t even working!”

The installation will run until the 10th of February. Journalist and illustrator, Whitney We documents her experience below for

Berghain’s “no photos” policy and near-mythical reputation secure its international appeal. But it’s these two very factors that contributed to the audacious mediocrity that was CTM Festival’s Eishalle am Berghain, a project that the festival itself has stated on a Facebook announcement began as a “tongue-in-cheek attempt to break up the seriousness,” only to gain a hype of its own, and nearly overshadow the full ten days of programming.

Berlin's CTM Festival installed an ice rink inside the infamous Berghain

If the concept of practising your triple axels within Berghain’s gargantuan concert venue didn’t appeal to you, the least the event did was spark the imagination. Of course, no photos were allowed of the actual ice rink; so some—like myself—took reference from Google image search, interpolating their own wild assumptions on each tiny thumbnail image. Others, ignorant to the technical and financial limitations of maintaining a rink over the course of its seven-day run, may have pictured the concrete expansion somehow completely coated, wall-to-wall, in frozen ice. Still others, familiar with CTM Festival and Berghain’s standard for excellence, simply trusted in its execution. After all, if the club was Sunday church for some people, why couldn’t its concert venue also be an ice-skating rink?

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