Believe to See with Larry Soffer and Wayne Mckay

believe to see

Two of South Africa’s top live entertainers have decided to combine their talents to form one rather interesting night out for your average joe. Larry Soffer is someone I’ve been following for a little bit and he’s done some proper crazy things like explode lightbulbs and bend spoons of people watching/listening to him at home with just a phonecall and the power of the mind. He’s also the only South African magician to be awarded a prestigious membership from The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Teaming up with Larry is  Wayne Mckay who was runner up at the recent Sprite Comedy Festival in Sandton. He’s performed in Australia and New Zealand to great acclaim and will make sure you have a night that’s mysterious, filled with fun and entertaining as hell.


Venue: ALL STAR THEATRE opposite Cape Gate Mall

Date: 20-29 June

Bookings: or 021 836 5143

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