Beers, Beach and Harlem Shaking at the Ball!


***This review was written by the Dirty Mexican

The weeks leading up to Masqued Ball 2013 provided us with some of the most entertaining Facebook posts I have ever read on any event wall. The news of this party taking place at a venue so sacred and magical that there hasn’t been a party there in ten years prompted many to make sure that they got their tickets in time as the wizards that created this party decided to limit numbers in an effort to prevent harm done to this wonderful site. Many were heartbroken, but those that really wanted to be there made sure they were, even those that were still hustling for tickets on the day.


I could only get to the party round 4:30am as I had a job the Saturday night, but after being picked up in town by my fellow travellers  I could taste the excitement in the car. We arrived at the venue after the shortest ride ever and wasted no time. I quickly grabbed everything I needed: my giant cooler box, camera (sorry I never ended up using it, that’s how great this party was) and my awesome Nacho Libre costume and headed off to the backstage area.

Frozen Ghost was slamming his prized style of twilight beats when I greeted everyone backstage and even at 4:30am the dance floor was packed with many a smiling face and that of those who opted to mask up!


That’s when I noticed the majesty around me. Firstly big ups once again must go to the team behind the decor. No expense was spared it seems, the dance floor was covered with a gorgeous multicoloured tarp, the stage kitted out with new beautiful carved multicoloured shapes and of course the mind blowing visuals that were provided by the talented Frank Latter.  Secondly the venue itself. I took a lonesome stroll down to the beach which was amazingly a stone’s throw away from the wonderful floor. The moon was beaming down on the ripples of the night time waves while a slight breeze was caressing the sand around me. Surrounded by mountains and the sight of the sea, we could not have asked for a more beautiful venue. Well done to the Alien team for finally resurrecting one of the most magical venues I have ever been to!

Once I was done with my little period of reflection and appreciation of this beautiful venue and life itself, I quickly made my way backstage again to grab a beer and a swig of neat vodka and in no time I was fucking having it again, as usual doing my surrogate father Charlie Sheen proud. The night was fast fading as we were treated to awesome sets from two internationals this being A- Mush and Smashed. Sunrise was one of the most enchanting experiences I have had a party ever as I found myself splashing off in the sea washing off the chaos of the night and preparing for the madness of the Sunday service to begin. When I next found myself backstage again I was promptly being rushed by Mike and David of Plusminus fame to change into my costume and to get ready for my 30 seconds of fame. It was time for the first Psy Harlem Shake to happen. This was one of the greatest moments of my little Mexican existence. I changed into my rendition of a Nacho Libre costume, complete with a Mexican Luchador cape and mask and Plusminus opened their set with the Harlem Shake track while I proceed to thrust, gyrate, one arm seagull and gorilla dance before taking flight into crowd as I stage dived and promptly face planted into the crowd. Twice. Yeah it happened twice! After surviving a slight concussion I continued to jam to yet another awesome morning Plusminus set and went about my business grinding many a soul in my male camel toe revealing costume.


It was time for Deliriant to do what he loves doing next, and that is play his brand of night time beats – in the morning. Nothing quite like the smell of the Deliriant in the morning to go with your beers on the beach!

It must have been during both Psyguy and Pogo’s sets that I found myself lost in a sea of happiness. There’s nothing quite like running around building sandcastles, swimming and stomping in the waves all the while being touched by some of the best daytime beats.  I remember lying down next to the lovely Kirsty Hopwood a few metres from the water, just absorbing the sun’s rays and the amazing beats emanating from the floor as well as receiving the best back massage and back scratch from the lovely Melissa Fourie.  It couldn’t get better than this! The day was disappearing fast and so was my memory. Nonetheless this is when I realised just how lucky we Caledonians are to have such an amazing scene.  I spent a good time taking in all wonders of the day, sitting down and chatting to other weary stompers that I know and love trying to figure out how we’re going to ever live up to the party we were experiencing. Apparently, according to Craig Stack I wasn’t the happiest of campers when he spoke to me at one stage, I think this was because the realisation of how fucked I was and how the fast the day had gone had dawned upon me.


Before I knew it I was backstage again swigging neat vodka and providing many laugh to Dom Irla and the others around me. Headroom was in a full swing giving the surviving stompers another dose of his trademark sounds. Perfect producer to take us into what was one the best closing DJ sets by none other than the amazing Ace Ventura.

Ace played yet another memorable set, ending off a party that many were sad to leave. So sad that at least sixty percent of the dance floor gathered on the beach afterwards and enjoyed the last few hours of sun and an amazing impromptu after party. I enjoyed this so much that I got left behind by the stompers I got a ride up with and was saved by my mate Max Thieme.  The sun was going down when we gathered my things backstage and discovered that I longer had shoes,  and off we went home smiling ear to ear at the wonderful experience we just shared.


I thank Alien Safari for a truly amazing party and can only look forward to what they have to offer next, I hope all Alien parties or at least one per year  can be experienced at this magical venue.  I also thank them for allowing me to show off on stage and for allowing me to stage jump not once, but twice. It was totally worth the trip to my local GP that I have to do later in order to have busted ankle checked out!

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