Beauty Treatments Are Not JUST For Women – The Michelangelo Spa Has It All

Beauty Treatments Are Not JUST For Women - The Michelangelo Spa Has It All & Ricky Went For His First Ever Manicure To Check Things Out

By no means do I consider myself as being a rugged outdoorsy man, who works with his hands to pay the bills and doesn’t consider male grooming to be a thing that needs to be followed, but I had never been for manicure prior to my experience at The Michelangelo Hotel Spa. The clientele at the Michelangelo is made up of a who’s who of well-traveled individuals and there are times when you as a high powered local need to feel as pampered as the elite, while in the comfort of the city you live in. So where do you find the right mix of luxury and service while in the city of Jozi? Enter The Michelangelo Hotel…

South African men in general aren’t exactly big into male grooming, only recently having started to embrace the fact that your skin needs a good moisturiser and that your beard does need the occasional trim to keep looking good. It’s this very reason that I elected to check out what the male grooming and health options available at The Michelangelo Hotel Spa were with Youtuber and Fashion Designer Michael Cost and entertainment publication Head Martin Headger. I decided to push the boat out even further by getting a manicure – something that none of my male mates really do (or at least tell me they’ve done).

As I mentioned, I was a bit apprehensive about getting a manicure because I was kind of worried that I’d end up with sparkly colours on my nails and be ridiculed by everyone back at the MyCityByNight HQ. Thankfully, upon arriving I was assured that many other men had been for the treatment before (not many of which were South African) and that the most that would happen in terms of my nails being sparkly would be a bit of buffing.

Surely, I had been making a bit of a fuss about nothing much?

While at the spa, you’re allowed to make use of all the amenities, including the likes of a sauna, steam chamber, pool and jacuzzi on the deck – which is exactly what I did. The whole experience was one that was completely relaxing and also quite insightful, in that I learnt what good grooming and nail care is all about (see image below of my epically reformed cuticles).

I’m definitely heading back to The Michelangelo Spa to make the whole manicure thing a bit more of a ritual (and this time even throw in a full body massage to make sure I’m ready for the stresses and strains of a life as a high flying young professional).

For details around how you can book your own treatments and relaxation sessions, check out the link below:

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