Beatboxer Tom Thum Performs Ratchet Face Live

Beatboxer Tom Thum Performs Ratchet Face Live (mindblowing stuff)

Tom Thum beatboxer

For the uninitiated, Tom Thum from the UK is one of the world’s best beatboxers and is probably only challenged in the art by the likes of Rahzel (who has equally mad skills). In the latest edition of the Beatbox World Championships, he decied that this was the platform for him to drop his brand new track Ratchet Face live and man did he absolutely destroy it.

The crowd absolutely loves the whole performance and you quite simply need to check out the full video below:

That was seriously impressive, even though I kind of feel like it is cheating when you’re using the tech to help you out instead of just doing it “acapella”. Still, not any less amazing (especially the bit where he does the little vocal).

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