Beartrapping Bright and Early!

While driving with the most amazing sunrise sneaking up slowly behind the mountains, it’s really hard to describe that feeling one gets as you get closer to the beginning of your Sunday adventure. Varkvlakgat has become home to most of us trancers in Cape Town over the past year so the drive there has become very easy these days. We arrived and were ushered right round the venue to the far side, behind the bar area and that is immediately when the realisation hit that Beartrap was in fact twice the size of the party 2 weeks prior. We stepped out the car and I downed what was left in my first drink and got straight onto pouring my next drink.


We hit the dance floor and walked straight onto a bombardment of massive basslines courtesy of Shift. This set was a little different though, it seemed as though Shift was trying new things, new sounds and you could hear it come through with those huge dub step/psy infused tracks. I heard one or two people muttering things that the sound they were hearing wasn’t the Shift they were used and things like that but I see it as progression and I mean he has already done so much with the Shift name so far, why not let him try new things. If you want a darker and harder set, listen to his Mantis live act. The sun was out in full force by now but I didn’t care, the crew from Beartrap had also kept the sprinkler system above the dance floor which made things much cooler. Thank you guys!


Shift paved the way very nicely for Deviant Species – Who I was lucky enough to have seen a few weeks before at MMD. His set was fairly similar to the one at MMD but it is his distinct Deviant “rolling thunderous massive bassline” Species sound that I am seriously in love with. It’s that dark bassline that growls and almost shakes the ground under your feet as they roll through the dance floor, wave after wave tweaking your energy levels, maximising the gees. He didn’t slow down toward the end of his set and this made me smile even more, as I knew Bruce was up next and that would mean he would come out firing with those uplifting, high powered psycadelic Sunday beats.


And boy, I was not wrong. The dance floor was his battlefield and he had enough ammo to destroy each and every  of us on that dance floor. His sheer presence behind the decks was enough to drag everyone from tents, cars and where ever else they might have been passed out. Watching the dance floor grow and almost double in size when Bruce started showed how much he is loved by all of us Cape Town trancers. It’s been a while since I have seen him play a Sunday morning set and it is the only time I think Bruce should play. His energy, song selection and interaction with the crowd always ensure it will be a struggle to leave the trance floor during his set. I must say, that this was set of the party for me.


Gataka was on next and I was very eager to see him as I knew he is part of Sesto Sento who has been in the trance game for a long time. He started off somewhat techy, almost too slow from where Bruce ended off but as a DJ as well respected as Gataka he picked this up immediately and used the crowd’s reaction to build his set up again into a more day time psycadelic sounding set. Half way into his set he had the crowd eating out his hands and at this stage, I was pretty dam drunk, jumping around and shouting at the top of my lungs. This is where the trouble came in. I got excited during one of the build ups and started flicking my water around (it was around 37 degrees out at the Varkvlakgat) and before I knew it I had been man handled by this rather large looking Nigeria chap who proceeded to walk me off the dance floor and reprimand me for being naughty and throwing water around. I never knew this was the case at parties but at least they should let me people know or have a sign up or something. I just felt the dude was a little harsh on me, but hey – next time I won’t be throwing water on the dance floor that is for sure. Gataka’s set had come to a close and Sway stepped up after him.


I have seen Sway play her last three sets and each one has been done in such a way that no matter what time she plays, she has the perfect tunes for that set. It seems as though she is enjoying the 12pm Sunday day set and if you ask me – I got no problem with that. She gave the crowd an injection of energy, bringing everyone back to life with her day time tunes. These lovely tunes kept me running back and forth from the dance floor to wet my head and keep cool in the heat but after a while I just gave up and ended up lounging in the pool for the next hour or so. I knew I had drank enough and even if I could drink as much water as an elephant I would never have stayed hydrated in that heat, so we ended up heading back to the car and resting for a bit before making our way back to the Kaapstad at like 3pm.


Big shout out Laura for all the hard work and to the guys from NoBucks and Below The Lion for the lift to the party (Team Blog for the win). Again, to all the DJ’s I heard – you guys rocked things to new levels. To all the DJ’s I missed, I only heard good things, I promise! I must say that I can always count on Beartrap to bring the sickest parties. With an event with an attendance of over 2,500 people it shows they are doing it right. I will never forget my first party being a Creature Of The Wheel way back when and since then I haven’t missed a Beartrap. Make sure you get yourself to the next one…

 All pictures courtesy of Scott Rennie (click here to see more)

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  1. nice review dawg… looks like it was a killer jol. Beartraps seldom fail. but seriously… your literary wizardry is coming on in leaps bud. impressive!

    1. That is always a huge compliment from you, so thanks bro 🙂

      Beartraps have never failed since that first one. Looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us next time.


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