Beartrap Winners & Line Up Times

We have chosen our winners for this weekends outdoor psycadelic festival. Please check your inboxes as we will be letting you know how to go about getting your tickets. The winners are:

Warren Bluff


 Lauren Eaton

Nice work you two, please check your emails and if we havent got a reply from you by 7pm we will choose another winner. For now though, take a look at the line up times to get your party all nicely planned out:

Line Up Times:

16h00 edit and run
17h15 subsyde
18h30 dre’ama
20h00 humerous
21h30 myzo
23h00 strain
00h00 cybernetix (live)
01h00 archive
02h00 hiyarant (live)
03h00 sarasin
04h00 biorhythm (live)
05h00 sgary
06h30 shift (live)
09h00 bruce
10h00 GATAKA (live)

11h30 sway
13h00 regan
15h00 mac


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