Bear Grylls Smashes Through A Window Live On This Morning

Bear Grylls smashes through window

Mission Survive – is a new show by Bear Grylls featuring 8 “celebrities” who try and survive out in the wild by eating insects and building shelter. Each week, contestants are eliminated based on their performances and the perceived likelihood that they would die if Bear wasn’t there to make sure they didn’t. Bear had this to say:

There’s no blueprint for a hero. I’m searching for the ultimate survivor. These guys are all rookies, never done anything, it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.

As part of the promotion for the show, Bear decided that it would be a great idea to smash through the window of US talkshow, This Morning. He doesn’t exactly do the best job of getting inside the studio, almost falling down in the process, but just proves that he’s probably still the first name in your end of days survival team.

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