BAZIQUE FESTIVAL Returns To The 2018 / 2019 Cape Town Festival Calendar

Early this year, just a stone’s throw away from the mother city, an outlandish and groundbreaking celebration of art and music took place over one unforgettable weekend. Never before has a gathering of this magnitude and style ever taken place on the sunny shores of South Africa. Bazique Festival ushered in a new standard for multimedia festivals, with a never before seen attitude towards industry collaboration, diversification, and multiculturism.

Baziquers fell into and got lost through a whimsical portal last year – a multiverse of bespoke art, music and performance that captivated everyone in attendance. With six immersive stages, art cars and life-size installations designed world-renowned visionary Daniel Popper coupled with the most diverse and eclectic lineup any local festival has ever seen, it’s no wonder everyone has been swooning over that special weekend ever since. Along with The Secret Garden Party’s Department of Arsing About, attendees basked in a surreal landscape of wonder and absurd activities like human ten-pin bowling and silent discos and were, of course, encouraged to ‘dress to express’. In just a short year, Bazique has paved the way, raised the bar and opened the proverbial can, releasing a whole new party beast of its own class.

This month Bazique returns with a special save the date message and exclusive deals for loyal Bazique family members. While too not much has been revealed about 2019’s lineup and activities, we can guarantee your socks will be rocked and ready to dress up and get down to Bazique town and relive the magic all over again.
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