BASSMINT TURNS 1… Go Enjoy A Birthday Drink!


This summer has been one of excess. Excess of venues, excess of events, an unheard of excess of international DJ talent and an excess of hedonistic behaviour.

So this summer and good times – check!

Let’s roll back a year. Things weren’t so good. We had great parties, we had some great DJ’s coming to SA, but beyond that there were no new bars, no new venues and nowhere for non-hipster people to go to after work to listen to music that didn’t sound like a crying banjo.

This was the gap that Matt Blitz and Dan C saw in the market; a segue between work and play that catered to those who preferred music of the electronic persuasion.

A place for you to start your night.  A place that didn’t want to compete with already established big events and focused more on providing the before party that fed Cape Town’s legendary nightlife.

A place to ease you into the weekend, wherever that may lead.

Cape Town needed a BASSMINT. Within a month of opening the night at Jackal ‘n Hide, there were queues running around the block from 9pm, something pretty unheard of in a city where venues tend to fill up at the strike of midnight. When the draconian liquor law was passed, and trading hours shifted down to close at 2am instead of 4; some venues suffered to the brink of closure. BASSMINT flourished. Having established itself as the place to start your Friday, people stayed, people danced and they came back for more.

1 year on and BASSMINT has gone on to become one of Cape Town’s most successful Friday nights. Over the past 52 weeks, they’ve hosted over 50 of South Africa’s finest DJing talent, and the emphasis on good music still stands.

Come and join us on January 31st as we celebrate every night, every supporter, every incredible DJ and every shot of tequila. We’ve beefed up the line-up to give you the very best selection of beats to carry you, as always, into another good weekend in the Mother City.

DJ line up:

Richard Marshall
Malcolm Skene & Ian Skene
Black Book (Matt Blitz & Dan C)
Bruno Morphet & Floyd Lavine

Book your table and get there early because there’s a whole lot of good fun on the way. Food and drink specials start at 16:00 and the music starts at 18:00. Call Jackal & Hide for bookings on 021 424 1020


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