Basement Craps (Cape Town leg)

On Friday we saw Nuwave and 5FM partner up to bring international legends Basement Jaxx to the ever so beautiful city of Cape Town (followed up by a party in Jozi).

Lets start with the venue…

The party was hosted at the V&A Waterfront at a venue called The Lookout. It was pretty epic, with some really awesome views of the harbour and some sand and palm trees outside, which made the jol feel rather tropical. The venue could definately have housed more than the 1300ish people that forked out their cash to go see the Basement Jaxx play (unless you won the MCBN competition that is) with ease.

However, I have to mention the absolutely MASSIVE fail with regards to the bars and bathrooms. Let me just say… there were FAR too few of both!! No-one should wait 30 mins or more to get a drink at the ONLY bar in the venue and I am fairly positive that its unnacceptable to wait even 15 mins for a whizz if you’re a girl (its harder to hold it in- apparently).

Next up the artists on the night…

All of the supporting acts absolutely rocked it and represented hard for SA including the likes of Roger Goode, who had a stormer and Goodluck who had the unenviable task of coming on after Basement Jaxx.

I also have to give a special mention to the guy (pictured above) who was singing with the dj’s that were on just before Basement Jaxx. Failure guy… to sing over the likes of Deadmau5 Strobe at a dance event is sacrilage- you should never be allowed back to one- ever.

The Basement Jaxx set:

The Basement Jaxx themselves played a set composed entirely of dribble- jungle funk/commercial/euro rave- being a fan it was horrendous to listen to. Its like they thought SA was musically uneducated and mildly slow.

The mixing was utterly shocking & then one of them was sampling his own voice over the Raindrops track, which I adore- and THAT was super shit. I promptly went outside to enjoy one of the better things about the party… the venue’s view.

Such a massive change from the last time they were down here with their live set along side the likes of Eric Morillo etc at the Castle like 6 years back. After the likes of Paul Oakenfold earlier this year- which tore the roof off of SA venues- I think that Nuwave and 5FM kind of missed the boat with booking the Basement Jaxx (although its not really their fault that the BJ’s pnwed it so hugely). I’m sure that the next event they have planned on their calendar is going to be something we can all get hugely amped about (for the most part they generally are)…

Next time ask MyCityByNight who to bring down first- we’ll tell you who is cool 🙂

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  1. nice honest review guys… just shows you, you cant take things for granted in this town… hopefully they learn from their mistakes!

  2. @Gerald: It was rather disappointing, big FAIL!

    @Alek: Be glad you didnt waste money, hehe, pity about the choice of DJ's for the set. Household Funk (who ever they may be) may be big in JHB but definitely not here. They were horrible, no one should ever sing someone elses song. The guys version of Love You Better by Crazy White Boy was one of the most horrific things I have heard in a while. Basement Jaxx were so below average that I actually felt quite bad.

    Best comment I heard after the event: " eish, at that ticket price I would expect something more than " we no speak americano" :("

  3. @James: Its just little upsetting when you set your hopes high for an international act only to be let by the tunes they play. I mean we used to seeing the same local DJ’s all the time so you know what to expect, but from an international standard that Basement Jaxx are, their show was pretty terrible.

    I think Nuwave did well on securing a really awesome venue, but like Ricky states above, toilets and bars needed to be rethought as does this need to be done with EVERY party that is thrown…

    Seriously, come ask the MyCity boys who to bring down next… it will rock!

    1. You just reminded me of that dude's cover of Crazy White Boy's gem- wow… What is this chap's name? And why did he decide to rape our mates' tune?

      Lets see how the next event pans out- I think everyone got used to a high standard of parties filling up our calendars and just expects only this level from everyone that takes our hard earned moola at night (everyone) 🙂

  4. To say they were bad is an understatement. They would randomly stop the music at any given time, at any point in the track. Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire" was NEVER meant to be a dance track and should NEVER be mixed to be one. Dead Prez's "Hip Hop" was also slaughtered with an untimed pause and then just cut and mixed with some euro rave. Vom.

    Also, no bathrooms, no food stalls considering it started at 6 and ONE bar?! SA acts were far better than BJ.

    I was VERY disappointed. It sucked balls. Basement Craps indeed.

    1. I think they've definately noted everyone's complaints about the venue and Nuwave and 5fm will come back with the heat im sure… I am however sceptical about whether they'll be sending anymore tickets our way to give to you guys, hehe.

      At least we're honest 🙂

  5. hi all. before you swear to never attend another NuWave or 5Fm gig i just want to state a few things from our side first (from the production guys).

    firstly…the artists:

    the local line-up was a solid JHB bunch as we wanted to try showcase what was popular in JHB right now, namely HouseHold Funk, as well as bring down some 5fm artists that CT may not see as often as they'd like (Roger and Euphonik). Goodluck are a great act and named after 1 of the Jaxx trax so it only seemed fitting to let them close.

    …what works in 1 place doesn't necessarily work in another (how true) 🙂

    as for the Jaxx, we knew it would be a DJ set and that they'd play what they wanted too. Felix and Simon are a quirky duo and that showed in their set. they'd also been on a break for the past 6 months as SA was the first stop as they started touring again. the reviews from their north american tour end of '09 where great and we thought that they'd rock SA.

    we cannot control their set n only did what we thought was best.

    2nd…the venue:

    we wanted to offer CT peeps something different to the usual club vibe everyone is pretty tired of. hence the choice of the Lookout.

    to our dismay the venue is not the best for these sort of events for the following reasons:

    1) the bar couldn't be lengthened as we where not allowed to close/block any emergency door at the venue. these 6 doors positioned all over the place. in future the bar can be made into a T-bar. last minute decanting rules also made the bar run a lot slower than expected. for this i do apologize as i hate slow bars!!!

    2) toilets. these where the amount that we where supplied with from the venue given surety that they'd be sufficient for the numbers we expected. our mistake and something we'll note for the future.

    3) venue height, doesn't allow for the right setup regarding Sound, stage and lighting for an event such as this and to be honest looked a little cluttered on stage.

    4) only 1,300 ppl (actually there where 1,500)… the local CT council only allowed for a max of 1,500 ppl to be in the venue and this we unfortunately had to stick to or risk closure. this in our opinion is ridiculous given the venue size is well over 1,400sqm's in size. but we do not make the rules.

    all in all we are new and we are learning. being based in Joburg doesn't help much either.

    every comment has been noted and we hope to improve on everything going forward.

    any suggestions on artists and venues would be appreciated.

    PS> yes Ricky, you guys will still get tickets to give away. we appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and also enjoy your honesty

    1. Thanks so much for posting a reply guys!! Its seriously refreshing to speak to a promoter who is not scared to address any concerns that the us the party-goers have. The industry needs more people who are as professional about what they do.

      I think that the reason why so many people- myself included, were so vocal about the Basement Jaxx party was because of the fact that we've just come to expect such a high standard from you guys in the past. Please just check out our video from Paul Oakenfold in Cape Town earlier this year on our Youtube channel (hit any of the buttons you see on the site to go straight there)… EMOTIONAL.

      Very chuffed… I'm sure that the next one will be a cracker- please please PLEASE give us the scoop once you do decide who its going to be!

      You all spoke and they listened!!!

      High fives for you MyCityByNight readers and high fives for Nuwave…

      LOVELY 🙂

  6. @Nuwave: Thanks for dropping by and given us your views.

    We never doubted you guys for a second after the Paul Oakenfold show, it was more the fact that our views on Basement Jaxx were horrible considering what we saw 6 years ago (oh and household funk). I thought they would have been insane once again! 🙂 We here at MyCityByNight dislike a microphone and electro when put together heheehe

    As for the bar and toilets, thanks for letting us know. Wasnt ideal walking outside the venue trying to dodge police to go to the toilet (I couldnt wait in that line)

    Like you said, you are still learning and there will be MANY more sick events to come. Please dont stop any time soon, the venue in my mind was EXCEPTIONAL, I thought it was actually mind blowing. I hope to see more innovative ideas for venues over the coming months

    And be sure that you will be hearing from MyCityByNight regarding future events and DJ's… we'd love to help where we can… any way to grow the SCENE and INDUSTRY, we will be here to HELP!

    Seriously though guys, keep rocking and we look forward to the next event

    Wolfgang Gartner/Deadmau5?? 😉

  7. thanks Kreg and Ricky. glad you guys understand where we're coming from. all the points from this site and others are all noted and will be addressed going forward.

    @Kreg – we are looking at 3arts or good hope for future gigs depending on the intl artist selected.

    currently in talks with a few but would be nice to hear who CT wants as it is usually judges from a purely Joburg point of view.

    Deadmau5, Erick Morillo, Marcus Shulz, Faithless (LIVE)…???

    1. I think i may have just died… Marcus Shulz??!!! Ok I have the tune of the day for tm… Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

      I'd have any of the peeps you've just mentioned- apart from Morillo, need to get a little bit more into the jam than with his more funky vibe!

  8. I think The Prodigy need to grace our shores.

    especially in a city like cape town with a huge electro scene and after massive gigs like the bloody beetroots, steve aoki, cyberpunkers and castle vania.

    a band like this would just take it to the next level.

  9. Sven Vath!

    Alternatively (in no particular order): 1.Sebastian Leger 2.Wolfgang Gartner 3. Sven Vath 4.Boyz Noize 5. Pryda 6. Sven Vath 7. Shlomi Aber 8. Dessyn Masiello 9.Sven Vath

  10. Wolfgang Gartner vs Deadmau5 (For the electro vibes)

    DJ Scot Project (For the trancier vibes, he's never been and Cape Town needs some trance with a harder edge, check out why:

    Venue: Good Hope (some legend parties went down there! And you can always have the after party at the ol Gellery, lol)

    1. @ haha!! JoNNY RoBoTIX… you MUST be an old school raver! I remember when kreg & I used to dash across the road trying not to get run over and avoid melting in the sunlight that had just started to bathe down town Cape Town… ooh the rush! lol

  11. If Deadmau5 was brought down, i do think that most of Cape Town would attend. The only place to throw a party like that would be the velodrome. Never has that place come short with bar space or toilets IMO.

    Deadmau5 or Neelix

  12. As Ricky said, it is highly refreshing to hear the promoters' feedback regarding their events ; its the only way any of us can move forward and have more organised parties 🙂

    And on that note, there's a HUGE list of potential artists that will do great in the Cape Town scene, yet I would focus on trying to bring:


    Deathcrew 77 (Bloody beetroots live set)


    Excision (I would marry you).

    Best of luck 🙂

  13. Here is who I would like to see, in no particular order either:

    Wolfgang Gartner (actually fuckit, this man COMES first)

    Myles Dyson

    Sven Vath


    Boys Noize

    Daft Punk



    Belzebass (Yes Adam, they are fucking insane)

    And one more which would just be sick to see live and perform:

    Jamiroquai! Saw him 8 years ago when he was here and he was mind blowing, but maybe he is a little older now… so in that case I would swop him with the likes of


  14. I thought the Jaxx set were very average, everyone was waiting for their classics but they threw in some real oddball jungle/dubstep and Queen tunes which I thought didn't work inbetween their floor stompers – I've seen them a few times in the UK and they were well below par. The venue seemed too empty to create that massive atmosphere, very similar to Sasha at @mosphere I reckon.

    About djs, the best set I've ever had the good fortune to share the experience with was Daft Punk at the O2 festival in Hyde Park and I reckon they'd blow this place right apart. I'm a big fan of prog house and guys like John Digweed and the usual suspects mixing the Renaissance cds such as Dave Seaman and Hernan Cattanneo would be immense but I doubt that there is enough interest in SA unfort but hopefully with guys pushing all sorts of genres we'll reach teh right level.

    1. @Keith… You just mentioned one of the institutions that I think SA needs to see… Renaissance…

      I had the honour of seeing the likes of Seb Fontaine and the Renaissance crew rip up dancefloors in days gone by when promoters made parties proper events worth going to- decor and experience-wise. But that was almost 10 years ago… I feel like there is a shift back to the type of music offered up by the Renaissance djs and other proggy/trance greats but as you said… SA just doesnt have the levels of interest to justify bringing these guys down… if only people knew!!! 🙂

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