Base Jumper Nearly Dies While Jumping From A Hotel Roof

Base Jumper Nearly Dies While Jumping From A Hotel Roof


You’ll remember that a few weeks back we featured a guy by the name of 8Booth, who really loves jumping off the tops of hotels into the swimming pools below. He’s now back with an even crazier base jumping attempt, trying his best not to die from a 129 foot jump from the top of a building.

That’s right 8Booth has returned with his most death defying jump yet, leaping from an 8 storey hotel overlooking a pier, straight into the dock below. I seriously feel like we’re going to be writing an obituary for this lad sooner rather than later. I mean seriously, did you see how close he was to smashing himself into a hundred different pieces? Yah hey, I dod my absolute best to stay alive, while there are people out there doing stuff like this for a couple hundred thousand views on Youtube.

Check out the sheer madness of the jump below:

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