Barclays Premiership Weekend Roundup

MyCityByNight love a little banter in the Barclays Premiership as we all supposrt different teams. So this week, I am gonna roll in the glory and start the post off like this…

Hello hello… So which red team smashed the blue team… Oh that’s right, the MIGHTY LIVERPOOL! Back with a vengeance! Not often you gonna hear a Man U fan screaming with happiness that Torres has put 2 past keeper!
They were lucky that it was only 2, Kuyt almost got another and they were ALL OVER the blues!
Taking nothing away from Chelsea, they are still top, but hey I love the Liverpool!

We may have been 16th in the league at the start of the day, but it just shows the pure class and hunger of THE most successful club in the world!

Well done LIVERPOOL!

Man U on the other hand got away with a lucky escape due to the heroics of a certain Mr Park! He played out of his socks and deserved the 3 points that he got Man U!

Now then, lets talk about the Gunners… Seems like that season in the championship gave the mighty Magpies some hunger! Not the ideal result considering that Chelsea went down! Some room for improvement there me thinks Mr Wenger!

If you never got to watch the Bolton and Spurs game, well then that is unlucky! What a great game!

So here is how the table looks and the results from the weekend

Sun 7th November 2010

Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea
Arsenal 0-1 Newcastle
WBA 0-2 Manchester City

Sat 6th November 2010

Bolton 4-2 Tottenham
Birmingham 2-2 West Ham Utd
Blackburn 2-1 Wigan Athletic
Blackpool 2-2 Everton
Fulham 1-1 Aston Villa
Man Utd 2-1 Wolves
Sunderland 2-0

Tues 9th November 2010

Stoke City v Birmingham
Tottenham v Sunderland

Weds 10th November 2010

Aston Villa v Blackpool
Chelsea v Fulham
Newcastle v Blackburn
West Ham Utd v WBA
Wigan Athletic v Liverpool
Everton v Bolton
Manchester City v Man Utd
Wolves v Arsenal

How the table looks:

1 Chelsea 25
2 Man Utd 23
3 Arsenal 20
4 Man City 20
5 Newcastle 17
6 Bolton 15
7 Tottenham 15
8 Sunderland 15
9 Liverpool 15
10 WBA 15
11 Everton 14
12 Blackpool 14
13 Fulham 13
14 Aston Villa 13
15 Birmingham 12
16 Blackburn 12
17 Stoke City 10
18 Wigan Athletic 10
19 Wolves 9
20 West Ham Utd 7

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