Barclays Premiership Weekend Roundup

Even as a HUGE Liverpool fan, I cannot start this week off without showing this…

Well done Shrek! Quality goal and the reason we all watch football and why its called the beautiful game (not for your looks of course).

Anyway not even going to go it to the rest, but congrats again Liverpool… FOR THROWING AWAY A LEAD AGAIN!!!!

Sun 13th February 2011

Bolton 2-0 Everton

Sat 12th February 2011

Man Utd 2-1 Manchester City
Arsenal 2-0 Wolves
Birmingham 1-0 Stoke City
Blackburn 0-0 Newcastle
Blackpool 1-1 Aston Villa
Liverpool 1-1 Wigan Athletic
WBA 3-3 West Ham Utd
Sunderland 1-2 Tottenham

How the table looks:

Man Utd 57
Arsenal 53
Man City 49
Tottenham 47
Chelsea 44
Liverpool 39
Sunderland 37
Bolton 36
Stoke City 33
Newcastle 32
Blackburn 32
Fulham 30
Everton 30
Birmingham 30
Aston Villa 30
Blackpool 29
WBA 27
Wigan Athletic 27
West Ham Utd 25
Wolves 24

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  1. Look at them Spurs up into 4th place – beautiful… Not a fan of Liverpool much but happy to see them fighting their way back nearer the top – league isn’t the same without them up there… I reckon they could still have a say in the title race by knocking over a Man U or Arsenal…

  2. the ‘pool already had a say in the title race. can you say… chelsea, season stats, liverpool 2 chelski 0 😀

    to be honest, Id rather have United win it this season that those fucks at chelski or oil city

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