Barack Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

Barack Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself In This Hilarious Video


In what is definitely one of the funniest editions of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night, Barack Obama recorded the second presidential edition of the late-night show’s signature “Mean Tweets” segment.

Understandably they toned down the nature of mean tweets read out by the leader of the free world, but there were still some real gems included in the mix like:

“Barack Obama is the Nickelback of presidents,”

“Barack Obama dances like how his jeans look,”

“Barack Obama is the ‘Sharknado’ of presidents. Loud, stupid, and over-hyped! #Sharknado4,”

“Obama couldn’t negotiate getting a Whopper without pickles.”

Being the utter legend that he is, Barack saved the best tweet for last:

“President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States,”

– the real kicker? The author of the tweet was none other than Donald Trump.

“Well, @realdonaldtrump, at least I’ll go down as a president,”

– Obama responded before metaphorically dropping the mic and the smartphone he was reading off.


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