Banksy Returns to the Streets with Eight New Politically Charged Murals.


Last week new murals appearing to be the work of world-renowned street artist Banksy popped up across Paris and quickly caught the attention of the public. It has since been confirmed by the artists own Instagram profile that the pieces are indeed the work of Banksy.

His latest art has been spotted in busy public areas of Paris like the Centre Pompidou, near the Eiffel Tower, as well as locations of the city still tainted with tragedy, like at The Bataclan. Banksy’s choice of locations are not accidental and as BBC interprets it, the artist is speaking out on the devasting effects of capitalism, racial injustice, and violence. It is explicit in exposing social and political issues in Paris especially in relation to the location of the murals.

One painted outside the Sorbonne depicts a businessman holding a bone out to a dog whose leg has been amputated but looks up at the man for compassion. Another of a young black girl painting over a Nazi swastika appeared on a wall at the Porte de la Chapelle which functions as a migrant soup kitchen.

The most heartbreaking piece of art though is the one on a door of The Bataclan. A  ghostly figure in mourning with its head hung low shows Banksy’s tribute to the 89 people who were killed there in a terrorist attack in 2015. In true Banksy fashion, no statement or explanation has been given by the elusive street artist. View all of his latest work from Paris below.



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