Watch | Banksy hits Venice Italy with an impromptu installation and canal-side mural

Banksy hits Venice Italy with an impromptu installation and canal-side mural


World-renowned street artist Banksy recently uploaded a video to his IG account which shows an unnamed man, perhaps Banksy himself setting up an illegal outdoor installation in Venice, Italy.

As larger groups of people gather and around and interact with the painting, seemingly intrigued by its politically charged nature, the police move in and force the man in the video to move his unauthorised installation out of the famous Biennale.

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An alleged work by British street artist Banksy in Venice. Credit: MARCO SABADIN/AFP/Getty Images

The piece/s which are unofficially titled ‘Venice in Oil’ depicts a major cruise liner in the Venice canals surrounded by gondola boats – some have speculated that Banksy is raising awareness about Venice’s plight to ban cruise ships moving through the canals which major erosion. Or it could be his personal commentary on the ongoing plight of refugees in Europe while the city is more concerned by the premier art festival. which takes place next month –  “Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason, I’ve never been invited,” Banksy captioned the video on IG.

Another artwork was also discovered in Venice around the same time as the exhibition this week. The piece was spotted along the canals in Venice and depicts a young girl, perhaps a refugee, who holds up a pink flare. While the work is strikingly similar to Banksy’s style, he has yet to claim the piece as his own.

Watch the video in full below and read more on Banksy right here.

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