Band Aid with Gary Cool


One of my close mates Gary Cool had the unique opportunity to partner with MK to put together a show by the name of Band Aid, which is aimed at answering all those burning issues that one might have as a band member looking to make it big.

Like us over here at MyCityByNight, Gary also receives countless mails and demos from artists hoping to break through into the industry, which is definitely going to make for some good content for Band Aid going forward. Gary will be offering up advice based on his long standing love and support local Rock music as well as what he’s learnt from friends and acquaintances in every sector of the industry.


Band Aid is going to be a a weekly show where he read your questions and then answers them with the best advice he can offer and if you pay close attention to the first episode you’ll notice that I make an appearance (albeit a somewhat embarrassing one).

Send your questions to as soon as you can.

Here’s the first episode:

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