Bam Margera Is Skating Again & He’s Still A Beast

Bam Margera Is Skating Again & He's Still A Beast

Bam Margera was pretty legendary back in the early noughties as part of the Jackass crew, but his skills extended beyond hurting himself to being half decent as a skateboarder. Since those heydays Bam went through a series of personal problems, one of which being a mega injury to his foot that prevented him from skating. We’ve seen with the latest video that all of this has finally been sorted out and that Bam is back on a skateboard, doing what he does best.

Good to see he’s still got it right? Sure it’s only a mini ramp, but it’s still awesome to see him back at it again. Apparently¬†Bam is currently in talks with Element about possibly releasing a new skate movie if he manages to get back to the beast levels of old. I’d be stoked if he manages to do and show all the kids that have come up in his absence what we were missing out on.

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