Ballantine’s Takes a Stand for #TrueMusic in Kraków Poland

The latest stand sees Ballantine's x Boiler Room #TrueMusic visit Kraków, Poland, to explore 'Kraków's DIY Club Community

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Earlier in the year, Ballantine’s and Boiler Room announced a 3-Year partnership and project of Taking a Stand for True Music in London.

Under the guise of True Music, Ballantine’s and Boiler Room, a global online music broadcasting platform commissioning and streaming live music sessions around the world, will drive forward local grassroots music scenes in various countries and cities around the world.

In each identified city, Ballantine’s & Boiler Room through conversations with local musicians, event promoters and music scene patrons will help highlight challenges that local music scenes face and will aim at directly addressing those challenges.

The latest stand sees True Music visit Kraków, Poland, where ‘Kraków’s DIY Club Community’ explores the city’s burgeoning underground scene; an exciting and vibrant community facing challenges related to entry fees targeted to tourists, rather than local youth and student populations. These challenges are documented in the pre-event short documentary.

“In Kraków, we were struck by the real DIY attitude towards club culture,” says Boiler Room Founder, Blaise Belville, “they face challenges, sure, but they’re all determined to work even harder to ensure [the scene] continues to thrive.” Supporting this DIY ethic is a long-term goal this series of True Music.

The support project, set to be implemented later in the year, will usher in the launch of a fund and mentorship scheme for promoters in Kraków to produce a series of events. Ballantine’s Head of Music, Tom Elton believes that the project can make a big difference in a scene that is vibrant but facing common issues.

“In Kraków, the music scene is there, and it’s awesome,” he shares, “but the pioneers on the ground face a common reality that putting on shows and live events is expensive and often the people most interested in attending are those with the least cash to spend on nights out: students and young adults.”

In March, True Music kicked off in Russia with Natasha Abelle, the founder of iconic arts institution Arma 17, Sergey Golikov, who founded Rabitza (the club that was shut down by authorities in 2017) bass producer A-Fruit, Gosha Rubchinskiy’s soundtrack creator, the producer Buttechno, and more.

Together, they made up the voices in the project’s first documentary, Moscow Underground, which looked at the challenges facing Moscow’s underground music scene.
True Music will be visiting Krakow, Poland on Thursday, 25 April before Barcelona, Spain in June and South Africa in September. The live performance from the Poland event will be available to view on Boiler Room TV, on Thursday, 25 April from 8pm.

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