Balkanology – Zoltar’s Halloween Carousal (WIN)

balkanology halloween

I’m rejoicing at the fact that us residents of Jozi have the fact to indulge in the sheer hedonism that the Balkanology parties are most well known for! Start your preparations…it’s back. This Halloween we open a portal to an undeciphered future (their words). A monumental occasion and opportunity to get a glimpse of what the future holds and a once in a lifetime chance to alter it. Stand face to face with the Great Zoltar and be humbled.

You can expect the usual array gypsy pleasantries like DJs, bands, human/subhuman and digital fortune tellers, huge sound system, card readers, crystal balls, borderline legal ceremonies, dress up theatre, a psychic gypsy marketplace and music that will get you ready for a journey to the other side. All of this is for you – Or in Zoltar’s words: “Your wish has been granted”.

Balkanology –  Zoltar’s Halloween Carousal

The Grandest Balkanology to date.

31st October,

venue: New Carfax, Newtown

Tickets: Online R150, R180 at the door.


Zoltar the Teller



DJ Hanuma (Bosnia)

Definition of Carousal: a bout of prolonged or excessive drinking ‘came home tired and hungover after an all-night carousal with his friends’

Synonyms: bender, binge, bust, carousal, drunk, jamboree, spree, toot, wassail.

Competition Time:

Zoltar has kindly organised 2x Double tickets for us to give away to all you aspiring gypsies out there. To win simply tell us what you see you Zoltar’s crystal ball in the comment section below? (Obscure I know!). The 2 winners will be announced on Wednesday 29th October.

Good luck!

Im a guy with a very particular view of life... im not quite sure what that view is just yet, but when I find out I'll be sure to let you know...

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  1. I see myself self looking at myself self as I lift up into the sky from the pure ecstasy of the music that surrounds me and that is the night I will always remember as Halloween. The night that was so kindly given to me by Zoltar and his crystal ball. 🙂

  2. Zoltars crystal ball says: For a minimal fee, you can download more predictability.

    Get in app store now!

  3. I see new mental paradigms opening and shifting in a wizz of musical and whimsical dance. I see the dancefloor blazing a ring of fire as we get together in an ode to music. Positive vibrations are flowing through me as I look into Zoltar’s Crystal ball.

  4. Congrats to Max Montgomery Turner & Thoko Miya. Zoltar has blessed you with the tickets!!

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