Balkanology, The Reunion

Every good party animal has been to an edition of Balkonology and lost their minds in the sheer gypsy-ness of it all. Balkanology revolves around years of debauchery and perverse story telling through theatre, music, dance and drink. A few years back (In 2012) Balkanology was retired indefinitely, until now that is. What to expect? The goats over at Balkonology have described it as an NDE (Near Death Experience) and have promised feelings of levitation, total serenity, security and warmth (see, I wasn’t kidding about the gypsy).

Dress code: Black Tie

Will there be farm animals? Yes.
Will the be flying ones, like maybe pigs or siamese rodents? Yes.
And a funeral, will there be one of those? Yes
A wedding? Yes.
What about a resurrection? Of course.
War? Yes.
Peace? Yes.
Magicians and wizards? Umm…. yes.
Maoriginal? Yes!
Toby2shoes? Yessssssss!
What about the Kolo Novo Movie Band? A tribute to the president of the Kolo Novo republic… the great Grada Djeri? Yes.

Time for a reunion? Yeah, we reckon.
And and and what about…
Hush now… enough.

Join us the crew for pre drinks at the Romanian Peasant Museum.
Address: Șoseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 3, Bucharest, Romania. Open bar.

Balkanology will be held at Sideshow (old Vaudeville/Fez)

Saturday, September 6 at 21:00

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