Balkanology presents: Fiddle East (JHB)

fiddle east balkanology

So once you’ve had a jolly good time at the Jozi Craft Beer Fest, grab whichever brewer/barmaid that has tickled your fancy the most and head on down to And for an Oktoberfest style Balkan afterparty.

Fiddle East returns to Jozi for a night of lavish decor, massive sound and Oompa-Oompa-Oontz-Oontz (and some boots cats) to rock the Old Alex Theatre harder than a bomb shelter during the Blitz. Get your tickets now and you’ll be dancing happily like a drunken Bavarian with a mouth full of Bierwurst.

Toby2shoesMaoriginalData Takashi
DJ Ninkasi (MS) !

Tickets: R80 online and at the door

Venue: And

This party is going to be very silly.

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