Bald for Bieber prank causes fans to shave their heads

We never really shy away from giving Justin Bieber a hard time for doing things like throwing up on stage or dressing like he’s in a 90’s rap video. However, this time we feel a little bit bad for the guy (more so his fans).

Last week a group of peeps set up a major prank involving Biebs entitled #BaldForBieber. They basically made up a whole bunch of shit about J-Biebs having cancer and asked loyal fans to shave their heads in support of his struggle. They even went as far as photoshopping a tweet from Entertainment Weekly to make everything seem more legit:

They followed it up with a series of photoshopped statuses from Justin Bieber’s Facebook account:

They also made sure it was extra believable by reworking some tweets from other superstars like Justin Trousersnake:

Obviously, this spread through the social media world like wildfire with many of his fans shaving their heads in support of their hero. What I guess I’m trying to say with all of this is… DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ.

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