Bagels make a meal at anytime of the day!

Bagels make a meal at anytime of the day!

There is nothing quite as soul fulfilling as freshly baked bread in the mornings, or at any point of the day really, and New York Bagel in Harrington Street knows how to serve up fresh bread, desserts, and of course, the flawless bagel.

Walk into the smell of fresh baked goods, a chalkboard with a variety of bagels and sandwiches, and watch as bagels are traditionally kneaded, boiled and baked hourly. Decades of tradition brings schmears of cream cheese with smoked salmon trout, raw red onion and tomato, perfectly paired with a number of bagels, from poppy seed, plain, sesame, to onion, and our personal favourite: the everything bagel.

With its roots in 1940s Gardens, New York Bagel has four generations of rituals, and is the only deli in Africa to specialise and dedicate itself to what is now termed ‘bagelry’.

We decided to sample a few of the items on the menu: a traditional Hot Beef on Rye, with tender slow roasted brisket, pickles, a cabbage and carrot coleslaw and mustard; an onion Bagel Dog with a pure beef sausage wrapped in bagel dough and baked, the smoked salmon trout and cream cheese everything bagel, accompanied by tomato and raw red onions, a pastrami and salads everything bagel, with tomato, rocket, baby spinach, pickled cucumber and slow roasted cherry tomatoes. The sweetness of the slow roasted tomatoes made this, our favourite item!

There was not a thing in sight we could not fault, and better yet, it was all R176. Yes, you read that right, four meals for just ZAR176! And that is what is great about New York Bagel: on top of their low prices, they grace us with everyday specials, as low as ZAR35!

Make sure to grab yourself a deli lunch or breakfast from 7:00AM-4:00PM, Monday-Saturday, and if you can, squeeze in a slice of cheesecake while you are at it!

5’s all around from the MyCityByNight team

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