Bafunny Ba-not so Funny

I’ve been invited by my folks to go and see the brand new and apparently ridiculously funny Bafunny Bafunny comedy show at the Grand West Arena on Friday night featuring the best comedians that South Africa has to offer right now, with a little pre-dinner at the always fantastic Indian cuisine restaurant Bukhara. Thing is… they’ve told me to bring along a date.


Maybe its their attempt to get their boy, as they’ve termed it “a little bit of stability”… All its really done is caused me angst and worry about who to take.

You see what makes this type of evening endeavour different from a normal dinner (at least in my mind) is the fact that my parents are coming- meaning that if I do bring a girl along they’d be going on a “date” that would involve “meeting my parents”. EEEEK! Not they’re deformed or from the circus or anything… its just the connotation that I’ve come to associate to this over the years has been one of a move towards the pursuit of a relationship of somesort.

Now this what I want to know… Do girls indeed take “meeting the folks over a dinner” as an indication of a wanting to move into the relationship realm or am I just being over-analytic? Don’t get me wrong, the choices sitting at the front of my mind girl wise are all fantastic in the own special way and well worth sharing toothpaste with each offering something unique if I really had to think about it (which I havent. ha)… I’d just like to know what I’m getting myself into, when I choose a date for this Friday!

And just to add to the mix there’s the fact that I’m probably going scream like a little girl from laughter at the line-up’s crazy jokes and skits… Not very attractive at all. I think I may just take one of the guys instead.

Aaargh… damn you parents for having such good taste while being so cunning.

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  1. LOL Ricky – take me along. I think it would be suitable revenge for them pressuring you. If you like, I’ll even dress older than my ancient years. 🙂 Even better, I can bring Josh along, and tell them how happy I am to have found someone who will help me raise him. hahaahahahaaaaaaa.

  2. Mspr1nt- thanks for the proper advice! Kreg and Onaj are just full of it because they have girlfriends already. Singledom is much more complicated 😉

  3. Haha Janet!!! 🙂 that’d be hilarious… Especially the bit about josh. I’m sure that’ll teach em 🙂 giggles

  4. Erm. The Current Mister Elect took me to meet the folks on our second date. At this stage, I thought, yeah score free dinner. Kinda weird that I am meeting folks at this stage but whatever. I declined "real" relationship territory for the next two months and we are still happy together. Could have gone either way. Then again, I'm kind of weird and not like other girls.

  5. Rickenny don't need no weirdos! Btw dude stop being a freak, you know .levi and I would love to spend an eve with The Guru and Mrs B. So I reckon one of the boys, that way when swooping starts during the intermission you got wingman on back-up. We can target the girls in the front row on dates, who is getting tuned by the comedians cause her date looks like a joke, to come sit with us where it is shady and safe 🙂

  6. I do agree on what Onaj has to say, use one of the brothers, this way awkward moments are reduced and when the swooping or wingman time of the night is needed, you got your back up right there!

    What time is this by the way? 🙂

  7. I can even step it up a notch and breastfeed him, and if that endears your parents to me because I’m giving him the best form of nutrition, I’ll say it is because it is cheaper.. hahahaha and then have a beer. I’ve got my evil on today 😛

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