Bafana to play at Cape Town Stadium on 19 January?

News has just broken in Swedish papers that Cape Town is set to experience some World Cup GEES with the addition of yet another Bafana International friendly to the Stadium’s planning calendar.

If reports from Sweden are to be believed, Cape Tonians will be able to experience some world class football against the Swedes on a cooking hot January Summer’s Evening on the 19th! Im soooo amped- hope they follow through on this and hook us up with another opportunity to do the fan walk and be drunk and disorderly in the streets without getting arrested.

After a great deal of Cape Town fans (me included) missed out on seeing the national team in action in the Mother City during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, a friendly against the USA was arranged in November last year to keep us mum. After realising how awesome the city actually is and how much of a vibe any events at our beautiful stadium are they might just give us another chance 🙂

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