Bafana plays in AFCON tonight – Let’s hope we can celebrate our first goal better than this

Robert-Kidiaba goal celebration

AFCON 2013 has kicked off and unfortunately Bafana Bafana are yet to score a goal in the tournament, which isn’t exactly the greatest thing considering we faced a team that we should’ve beaten with our shoe-laces tied together. They South African lads are in action again later today and we’re all hoping that they score (even if they don’t win), so that we’ll get to see them do a rad goal celebration (yes, sadly, when I watch Bafana I look forward to the celebration rather than the goal).

This is the goal celebration from the Ghana vs DRC match, which ended 2-2. The goalkeeper for DRC, Robert Kidiaba was so stoked with the goal that he sat on his ass and bounced around, making everyone around the World think that all Africans are completely nuts.

Please Bafana… Please win.

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  1. That celebration reminds me of that Red Guy in “Cow and Chicken” Hahaha

    1. That’s exactly what I thought! Must have been where he found the inspiration hahaha

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