Bad Lip Reading – Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Bad Lip Reading - Donald Trump’s Inauguration

bad lip reading donald trump

One of the best bits of internet content out there is the stuff put together by the team at Bad Lip Reading. They normally scour through hours and hours of footage around a particular sport or event and then dub over the video with an alternate option of audio that makes for some really funny watching. Bad Lip Reading is thankfully back with a particularly stellar effort at recreating the few days around Donald Trump’s inauguration.

There are some real pearlers in their latest video, including a super awkward no music version of the Donald Trump and Melania first dance as well as a pretty ridiculous bit around a bar that Trump was planning to open, called “Brown Lady”. As always, this Bad Lip Reading video goes incredibly hard in terms of comedic relief, but leaves most of us with the sense that, this could actually have been exactly what was said by Obama, Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bush while the cameras were on them and nobody could hear what it was that they were saying.

Prepare to be amused:

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