Bad Ass Cop Makes Video To Call Out Local Gang

Cop call out

We’re still not sure if this is the stupidest thing or the most bad ass thing out there. You be the judge. But Captain Clay Higgins, who could easily go down as one of the most bad ass cops on the planet has decided enough is enough with the war on drugs and gangsters and put this video together (which in turn has gone incredibly viral with over 1.5m views).

This video is aimed at a number of gangster from the Louisianna gang called the Gremlins who are all accused of multiple accounts of theft, murder and drug dealing and he’s here to put a stop to this.

The ‘Cajun John Wayne’ as he’s known gives zero fucks and said: “You will be hunted, you will be trapped”

Do you think this method is clever and will solve the gang problems or will it provide more ammo for the gangsters to come back at the cops even harder, you let us know in the comment section below

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