MyCityByNight Back From Suspension!

As all of you are most likely aware, if you tried to log onto MyCityByNight over the past couple of weeks you were greeted by this totally non-threatening message over here… 

At first Kreg and I thought that we had somehow got ridiculously drunk (likely) and forgot to pay our monthly hosting bills, instead using the money to fund various Eastern European strippers and their wishes to further their education (because that’s why they all strip). Upon further investigation and a chat with our tech guru the real reason behind our suspension became apparent… 


According to a report which we can neither confirm nor deny, Osama Bin Laden used one of the weapons of mass destruction that he is so obviously hiding to begin a global onslaught on free speech and online publishing beginning with- you guessed it… MyCityByNight. 

Naturally we were fairly pissed about this and proceeded to spam his email account with millions of invites to Kurt Darren’s Concert down in De Aar (isn’t that where he normally performs?)… Take that you bastard, try mess with us again! 

Anyways normal service has been resumed and there will be a couple of changes for you to look forward to on the site in the near future including the introduction of our favourite Agony Aunt- Muriel, stories on subjects chosen by YOU, a more dedicated fashion section with constant updates on what’s hot along with a whole new look and feel (which we’re quite excited to show you!!!) 

So… Lots to look forward to J 

Have a fantastic day and enjoy catching up on lost reading time. 

Mucho Love MyCityByNight xxx

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