Bacardi gets together with Tjing Tjing and Shadowclub TONIGHT

Tonight sees Bacardi throwing a free Get Together party with Tjing Tjing and Shadowclub. The event is called “Rum of the Bat” and features a great line-up from Haasbroek, Tommy Gun and headliners Shadowclub – all at Tjing Tjing on Longmarket Street, Cape Town.

The Bacardi boys (our mate Kevin Snyman included) will be on hand to teach you how to rock some impressive cocktail tricks, while making sure you get your Bacardi’s served pronto.  As the story goes, bats were discovered living in the rafters of the building in Santiago de Cuba where Don Facundo Bacardi Masso blended the now famously known Bacardi rum back in 1852. The native people of Cuba had great respect for bats as symbols of health and good fortune, so Don Facundo’s wife suggested the bat become the symbol of the rum bottles and barrels to make their brand distinguishable among the people. Henceforth, to the people of Santiago, Bacardi became known as “The Rum of the Bat.”

It all starts at 6pm. And it’s FREE! So get there early to get your spot. 

Tjing Tjing
165 Longmarket Street
Cape Town


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