Bacardi and Half ‘n Half Productions bring you The Awesomest Party Ever

Bacardi really is one of my favourite drinks out there and I love what they are doing to celebrate 150 years of people coming together and drinking the finest Rum on the planet. Bacardi and Half ‘n Half Productions have put together an entirely FREE evening as part of The Awesomest Party Ever. They’ve decided to enlist the help of musos from Cape Town, Jozi and Durbs to help them rock Jozi.

On the bill:

Holiday Murray relaunching their album entitled, Holiday Murray EP

Fire through the Window launching their EP called, Live Long

Dance, you’re on Fire, play their first jozi gig of 2012

Shortstraw, who apparently are capable of impregnating you with their music love child

Half and half spinning tunes before, during and after

The event is going down this Friday at Townhall (66 Carr Street, Newtown, Jozi)- and the whole place is going to be decked out, all creative like.

Follow the @thebacardibat to stand a chance of winning cool prizes.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the promo photos that were taken for this event?

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