Baboons go ape and destroy a holiday house


This video clip, shot about 2 weeks back showcasing how an entire pack of baboons destroy a holiday house, filmed by Cape Town film-maker Howard James Fyvie (25), has been making waves on Youtube and has caught the world’s attention in an incredibly short space of time.

The Video clip was filmed spontaneously on an iPhone, uploaded onto Fyvie’s Youtube channel, and within a few hours was raking in the hits. Fyvie then began to get contacted by News Agencies and websites across USA including AOL, Youtube, LiveLeaks, Huffington Post and Reddit, asking permission to showcase the video.

As a South African, this stuff is pretty normal so there was admittedly less of a wow factor when I watched it. To be honest, I was more entertained by the fact that these dudes were all obviously high as hell. Half the stuff they said didn’t even make sense and I’m still trying to work out why they thought an American accent would be more threatening to baboons.

Fyvie has been doing video interviews with American Online TV stations – such as, as well as National Geographic Wild and had this to say –

“This entire experience has been really insightful into how the rest of the world views Africa. They all think it’s one big jungle – and the fact that they have just eaten up this video clip confirms that. When I showed it to my friends in South Africa – it was no big deal. We’re used to baboons. But showing it to someone overseas – they freak out. That’s insightful. Now I’ve gotta go find more wild animals. “

“It’s also ironic how I’ve been studying and working in Film Making for more than 8 years now, and how I’ve put loads of time, energy and resources into previous projects, and nothing I’ve done before has had nearly a fraction of the amount of exposure that this amatuer, spontaneous iPhone video has afforded me. Alanis Morissette was right. “

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