AWB vs Julius Malema

With the death of right wing afrikaaner Eugene Terre’blanche there seems to be quite a bit of anger from the Afrikaans people especially around Ventersdorp and those area’s. Andre Visagie was interview on Etv and all hell breaks loose. You have to watch this for yourself, what do you think of this?

She does look like she is prevoking him, but then again he shouldn’t have acted the way he did. Its all to crazy for me…

Now we just need Malema to disappear…. Check out what this complete fool has gone and done now, I almost want to swear he makes me so fucking angry. I would honestly hate to see what the English media are going to be saying about this tomorrow. Terre’Blanche dies in a “racist” attack and now Julius Malema is swearing and verbally abusing a white British journalist from the BBC… Take a look for yourself and follow the link below… makes me so angry, AHHHHH..

Julius Malema swears at BBC Journalist

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  1. It is unbelievable hey Justine, but I didnt watch Carte Blanche last night, please let me know what went down!?

  2. Next he's gonna start calling people infidel *sigh* But this clip is truely funny- MR VISAGIE, MR VISAGIE lol

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