Rising South African star, Avi Subban joins Swoon Recordings with jaw-dropping 2 track EP


After countless successful releases, leading South African artist Avi Subban joins the Swoon Recordings ranks with a powerful 2 track EP that fuses his organic palate with his melodic prowess entitled, ‘Seduction’ that paves the way for his upcoming album.

With releases on many of South Africa’s biggest Deep House record labels, Avi Subban has set a name for himself in the industry that continues to inspire and keep progressing toward industry-leading success. With a focus on eclectic rhythms throughout the House music spectrum, Avi Subban showcases his versatility and abstract approach to music on his latest Seduction EP.

Exploring the darker side of his sound, the title track of the EP, ‘Seduction’ wastes no time in delivering a powerful and organic-infused masterpiece that is built upon an edgy vocal hook delivered by Je Suis Ohne and a seductive melody that emanates throughout the whole song, wielding the listener through its emphatic atmosphere that Avi has become known for.

On the second track of the EP, we see Avi Subban team up with South African born, Berlin-based artist, MKLY for a climactic ending to this enigmatic EP with, ‘Mystery’. Taking a lead from the title of the track, entrancing melodies and subtle variations keep the listener on their toes while an undulating bassline smoothly flows throughout the song, accompanied by nostalgic vocals and an energetic percussive element that keep the momentum high and the mood at the forefront. Showcasing the true combination of these two artists in a unique and compelling way and closing things off on a good note.

Speaking about the Seduction EP, Avi commented:

“The Seduction EP” showcases 2 tracks forthcoming to “A Field of Flowers” album produced by Avi Subban.

With collaborations by MKLY & Je Suis Ohne, the EP is a captivating collection of music, aimed at bringing a contorted approach to electronica and the emotions expressed by the names of the tracks, “Seduction” & “Mystery”.

Referencing analogue timbres and modulations of a “cosmic” description, to distorted guitars and slap-back vocals, this EP is able to give you a fresh sound with a sense of nostalgia in both songs.”.

Avi Subban’s ‘Seduction’ featuring Je Suis Ohne & MKLY will be available everywhere on 11th September 2020 via Swoon Recordings. 

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