AVA’s Take On 49m Rocking The Daisies 2012 [VIDEO]

The lads from AVA have done it again and thrown together a video that will allow you to relive those awesome Rocking The Daisies moments all over again.

From chilling at the dam, to head banging on the main stage, to raving in the Red Bull tent, to eating Butlers at the food court, to smashing cocktails on the Mainstay Beach Bar, they have captured everything perfectly. Make sure you watch till the end and allow yourself to interact even further with the video.

Check this out:

Produced By: AVA
Edited By: Ewald Hoon
Shot By: Kevin Schnider, Jas Miszewski, Deon Van Zyl, Michael Hazell, Tyron Kuypers, Mikhail A. Motala
Beauty Shots / Time Lapses By: Ewald Hoon & Waldi du Toit
Aerial Photography By: Graham Newton

Trenton and Free Radical – Tomorrow’s Day ft. Maxi Jazz
Moving House – Tongue In Cheek
Das Kapital – Reverse & Rewind (instrumental)


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