Avalanche Sharks – the most ridiculous plot in a movie ever?

avalanche sharks

It’s Friday, there’s plenty of time for the ridiculous today. You’ve probably noticed that the latest string of sci-fi releases to come out of America have been centered around Sharks… ghost sharks, sharks in tornados and now…Avalanche Sharks.

I can’t even pretend that there is much more to the plot than sharks, ice, boobs and the blatantly obvious fact that these particulae sharks swim in ice. I don’t know, maybe just get baked and then watch it (if you have to) – I’m sure it’ll be a better then.

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  1. LOL this has to be one of the most ridiculously thought out film of all time! Some people just like blowing money into thin air!

    On the other hand it could be one of those movies you laugh yourself silly with embarrassment.. Either way boobs and blonds FTW!

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