Australia’s Capital Territory just legalised the personal use and cultivation of marijuana

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In defiance of federal laws, Australia’s Capital Territory (ACT) voted to legalise the personal use and cultivation of the plant this week. Possessing and growing cannabis weed for personal use will soon become legal in Australia’s capital but residents won’t be able to light up immediately as those laws only come into effect on 31 January 2020.

The new law will allow those who are over the age of 18 and living in Canberra (Australia’s Capital) to smoke and grow marijuana in private spaces with plants being limited to two per person.

ACT attorney-general, Gordon Ramsay addressed the assembly staying it was time to treat drugs and addiction as a health issue, not a moral one and that new laws surrounding marijuana would also be accompanied by more drug and alcohol services and the introduction of specific drug courts. Ramsay acknowledged that possessing and growing cannabis would remain a federal offence, and the risk of the prosecution was “not entirely removed” but “in practice” the laws would not apply.

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While Australians are celebrating the step forward, many others feel that legalising is a grave mistake. The ACT shadow attorney-general, Jeremy Hanson, told the assembly the liberal opposition would not be supporting the bill as it was “badly drafted” and would lead to a number of “perverse outcomes” such as encouraging users to use more and non-users to begin using which would, in turn, see an increase in rates of psychosis and drug-driving.

Hanson also the new bill conflicted with commonwealth law and would be confusing law enforcement,” this puts not only individuals at a greater level of risk but our police will be out there on the beat working in this unclear legal framework,” he said.

A review of the laws will be conducted within three years. Read more on the latest local cannabis news right here and shop our favourite online cannabis seed bank, Cape Ape Seeds below.



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