Audi R8 V10 Spyder Tested

Not often do the crew at MyCityByNight scream like little girls, so we feel the following is apt… OMG WTF and whatever other 3 letter Gossip Girl abbreviations you can think of…

The R8 V10 Spyder is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes that’s a lot of exclamations)

MyCityByNight were lucky enough to have a test in both wet and dry conditions in the gorgeous Spyder, and let me tell you, it didn’t matter that there was a little bit of rain, that car is like its name sake, a bloody spider (forget that little Miss Muffet crap, with the whole down came the rain and washed the spider away), this spyder gripped the tarmac like I was gripping the steering wheel when they came to take the car away again (picture white knuckles).

Ok, so some exciting pant wetting specs for you and a look around this beauty:

The Spyder runs the same 5.2-liter V10 engine found in the coupe. Maximum power is 386kW and peak torque is 530Nm. The 0 – 100mph time is 4.1 seconds while the manual can deliver a top speed of 290kph. Here that little baby revving for you…

Enjoy a nice little 4 minute walk around this mooiness with me in HD below… (feel free to watch a minute or so and move on to the good stuff – this is only here for the true car lover who appreciates the curves, design and beauty)

Now listen to her purrrrrrr

This car should be the next bat mobile, and to be fair, I should be the next Batman! It shifts through the gears like Ricky takes down the numbers of mooiness, fast! Our test car had the fancy gearbox that allows you the fun of manual, or automatic. Automatic is sweet and cute, ahhhh, manual, well that’s like Mrs Ex Tiger Woods on hearing about her fun having hubby, GOLF CLUB WIELDING MENTAL!
You need to be one skilled gear shifter, as these gears are relentless! The kick from 1st to second is enough to tear your arms off, so hold on! Put it this way, if you were planning on buying this sweetheart for your sweetheart, then think again… You need to drive this lady like you just stole her off the arm of a mafia don, fast and hard, she knows no different and expects nothing less!
That V10 purrs and kicks you into the back of those sexy seats like it’s no ones business and before you know it, you doing 200kph, and before you have a chance to get to 250kph, some twat in a (in his mind Ferrari) pulls out in front of you! It’s not all bad though, you get to accelerate from 80kph again, and that’s all sorts of fun!

The drilling part now, again in HD… We even took the luxury of taking a call at 220kph, just to prove you can talk on the bluetooth with the roof down and still hear (well done Audi and B&O)! Seriously! The daughter of the mooiness that was driving with me and videoing decided to call… Pfft the nerve!

Terrible landscapes we have in Cape Town to drive in aren’t they. Amazing how everything seems so much more beautiful when the tops are down doing 200kph!
Slight problem for most… Price, R2,149 million… Feel free to shed more than one tear here as most of us will never get to own one…

So that said, just enjoy what we have here for you and remember MCBN’ers, its cost sweet FA to dream, so enjoy your sleep tonight dreaming of this mooiness!

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