Assembly Radio launches this Monday

After providing a home for a large portion of the music-related events over the past 5 years, the much acclaimed Assembly is now launching its own online radio channel. From Monday 2 July 2012 Assembly Radio will be an extension of the live music giant The Assembly, with this online station connecting listeners to unique music that they love and come out to see at the club on a weekly basis.

Hosted shows will play out from 10 am till 10 pm and will be broadcast live from a concept booth within The Assembly venue. Assembly Radio is being set up by For Music Lovers, a company that specialises in creating unique audio content. When asked about why this station is relevant, FML co-founder Kevin Kai had this to say:

“I think the great thing with online radio is that we have the freedom to broadcast what we want, when we want. We’re not restricted like the traditional broadcast stations and because we’re online, our level of interaction with our listeners is far more engaging.”

Alana Cremonte, co-founder FML added:

“Traditional radio in South African seems to have lost its way when it comes to playing music that people want to listen to. To be able to tap into music culture and create a unique soundtrack that is full of rich content is amazing.”

Based on Harrington Street in the heart of District 6, The Assembly building was originally used as a warehouse. The expansive interiors have been renovated, but not completely reformed, creating an interior mash-up both slick and industrial, and packed with a diverse and eclectic crowd who call The Assembly home every weekend.

Tune in to Assembly Radio on your phone, laptop, work computer, home computer or cellphone here:

For more information on Assembly Radio, the show schedule and our hosts please visit:

or email FML (For Music Lovers) –

Who knows… you might be hearing MyCityByNight on there soon too 🙂

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