Assembly & Discotheque Are Part Of The Illuminati

While trawling the usual social platforms, I came across the same post on both Facebook and Twitter and it SERIOUSLY had me in stitches. It has now been made clear by OpenYourMindSA (click here for facebook page) that the Assembly and it’s owners are part of the Illuminati. Due to the Assembly’s logo, flyer and stage designs, its resemblance to the “all seeing eye” & the Illuminati triangles are a little too close for comfort it seems. Check out this picture which I must add has had lots of effort and time put into it:

Click pic to enlarge it

This is what the caption below the picture says (on their fanpage):

Assembly – a club in Cape Town, SA. Owned by a group of Jewish families, the majority stakeholders’ father & grandfather both been major players in pushing for globalisation.. though we will refrain from saying who they are. This is a collection of flyers, artists who perform at the club regularly, live shows and screenshots from their website. Note all the symbolism with the all seeing eye and pyramids, and if you mirror their logo it also becomes a pyramid with a seperated capstone. Please chose download option below image to see it bigger. Note…’Discotheque’ is a brand name used for the parties every friday night, the same with ‘See you next wednesday’

I have never in my life laughed so hard at something so pathetic, although I do think Assembly does spew a lot of filth on Friday and Saturday nights, which I am a part of most of the time. *confused face*

Quick question then: Does that mean I am now part of the Illuminati?

OpenYourMind SA – Wake up!

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  1. These “conspiracy theorists” will find anything currently popular (in this case The Assembly) and try spin an agenda off of it. Their persecution complex is hilarious… I totally agree with one of the tags set for this post – retarded!

    Coming next on OpenYourMindSA: Dubstep is the music of the devil.


    1. Yeah, conspiracy theorists are the end of me. I love that, Dubstep is the music of the devil – I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from OpenYourMind SA that subliminal satantic messages are being sent through specific Dubstep bangers. BLAH!

  2. Hahahahaha! Wow. This dude must lay off the shrooms until psy-season…

  3. Or just a little sneaky publicity stunt… hehehehe! Our page has now been featured on 3 ‘popular’ blogs…. Shot!!

    1. Thats basically what I thought it was… A very lame attempt at increasing your likes on your fanpage page… Well done! 🙂

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