Assembly Comedy Reviewed

Asssembly Event

I’m probably late on the up-take, but I learnt something last night: the Facebook bullshit index is real. Not only that, but it’s far worse than I imagined.

I went to Assembly Comedy last night. Coordinated by the lovely Jamie-Lee Money, it promised to be an evening of fun, games and silly buggers.

To an extent, it was.

Host Stuart Taylor set a comfortable pace for the evening. Volley after volley of playful banter came from the stage as his warmth filled the room.

And fuck, it had to. Because Taylor had the honour of hosting a comedy show attended by about 12 people.

TWELVE fucking people.

Its not like the comics were rubbish. Supporting acts Devon Lang and Francois van As are funny dudes. I cried at stages. In a good way.

Headliner KG didn’t disappoint either. His set was relevant and hilarious and he is contagiously comfortable on stage.

I’m grateful that the dudes up there are so funny. They had to be.

Fair play to the peeps that made it. They actually arrived, which is more than can be said for the rest of the 69 people that confirmed attendance on Facebook.

Had even half that number arrived, the event would have been an unprecedented success. Without being a total failure, it was underwhelming.

I’ve been to Assembly Comedy at capacity and it’s a cracking evening out.

A gigantic thumbs-up goes to the Assembly team for the continual effort that goes into organising these gigs. R50 is a small price to pay for an evening of proper laughs.

I also have a humble request, guys and girls – GO TO ASSEMBLY COMEDY. IT IS ULTRA RAD.

And stop lying on Facebook :).

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