ASOT 600 in South Africa – let’s make it happen

South Africa has a fairly large population of ravers and people who generally enjoy electronic dance music (lovingly referred to as EDM). I’m one of those people and I was lucky enough to get down to A State of Trance episode 500 in Cape Town (a bunch of the readers went to the Jozi event as well). It was tit-loads of fun and now the SA Trance Family spearheaded by Tashreeq De Louw have put together a campaign to have South Africa host the 600th episode of A State Of Trance 600.
I’m never really sure if things like this actually work in the long run but I figured it was worth a mention because I know how much you all love getting out and raving it up. They’re all abou raising awareness in regards to ASOT & the fact that they need promoters that are interested. Armin Van Buuren will be announcing the cities that will be hosing ASOT 600 on his Radio Show in November 2012.
You can give your support via the social media links above or get hold of the guys at :

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